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The Epic

Tony e mailed previously about the Epic and I would echo his comments about the fact that it really is just around the corner. I would also echo Richard A’s suggestion that we use the blog to communicate so I have posted this on there as well.

I wonder when we can train together and do it more like a club run (ie the route is agreed and if you drop off the back then you have to get home). Saturdays are my preferred morning – how many of us can do that and at what time do we need to leave? If Sundays I would need to go early, if Lewis has football, to get back for 10am.

We have a spare bed in the hotel so I wonder if a non Epic rider would want a free bed to document the ride???

It’s contentious within the other club but, for me, this is a Barbarian event – let’s get kit sorted out (would anyone lend Adam a shirt?)


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Could I have a pair of shorts (preferably clean) that have caused welts. 

Impsport would like to do an inspection.



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Anything to report?

Is there anything to report following the monthly meeting last night?

My apologies but as always I have no idea from one day to the next what is happening at our house (I should take a more active part).

Is there a group ride planned? Adam has not been part of one yet, and the Epic is round the corner.

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Is there anybody out there?

We should be making more use of this site to arrange rides and things rather than mail, but it seems there is not much regular activity.

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To cap it all off

A renegade group took matters into hand and offered Adam a cap – he accepted!

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Capping Adam – le deuxieme part

ANy further ideas on capping Adam? I can pop round and do it!

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