The Barbarian Cycling Club

A Cycling Club with no home

This Barbarian is Ready

So if any bugger decides to wimp out of my inaugural ride as a Barbarian I will take it as a personal affront.


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The Barbarian

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Epic – Club Kit?

I hate to sound like a bit of a girl, but what is everyone wearing for the Epic? 2008 club kit or the ’07 kit or just anything you want? If Adam doesn’t have a shirt by then I have the 08 and 07 and don’t mind wearing either.

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How are you Pete?

Out riding yesterday I asked if all Barbarians were out riding and Tony said you’d had a bout of Labrynthitus? How are you? on the mend?

Will you still be up for the Epic on the 5th?

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A Barbarian Christmas

Craig and I were chatting last night and thinking that out of 200 people someone will drop out over the next few months. Why don’t we have an idea to booka restaurant but wait until we have rung Risley hall every week for the next two months! We could take it in turns …….

Who is up for meeting on 18th ( I think it is)

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